Medical Coding Education – General Job Description

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A medical coding specialist is someone who works in a hospital, clinic or office. They provide support and submit medical claims to insurance companies to make sure the hospital or doctor are paid for the services they provided to patients. This article will give you a breakdown of the overall responsibilities of a medical coder.

As a professional in the healthcare industry, it is important that you do everything in your power to learn as much about the medical insurance field. By taking courses and getting a medical coding education, you should have no problem grasping the basic knowledge of the field. Medical coding and billing is a pretty straight-forward job and once you learn the basics, the rest will come naturally. This is a field that will have very little change over the years, especially with most of the work now being done by advanced medical billing software.

Medical coders deal directly with private insurance companies and various government agencies who pay medical claims such as Medicare for example. The medical coding department is solely responsible for the collection of co-payments from patients directly by calling them and offering billing options. Responsibilities will also include,administrative duties, verifying signatures, keeping up to date on insurance policies and the latest information. A major benefit of being a medical coder is that you have the ability to work from home or at the very least work on different shifts. This can be very beneficial if you have a family or need to be flexible. However, to work from home, you will have to prove to the company that your are up to par and able to manage yourself. It is easier said than done in most cases. Another skill you may require to do is bookkeeping. Sometimes, especially in offices and private practices, you will have to wear different hats as you are working in a smaller outfit. This line of work is not very different from the medical coding itself but it really helps to know as it makes you more valuable.

Becoming a medical coder is a great career choice and provides you with job stability in a rapidly expanding industry. As mentioned above the salary range can only go higher as the healthcare industry is